Rolfing is a scientifically validated system of body restructuring that can make dramatic changes in a person's structure. A system of structural integration developed by Dr. Rolf, Rolfing aligns and balances the physical body within its gravitational field. This rebalancing is accomplished through systematic manipulation that loosens and reorganizes the connective tissue (fascia), that surrounds the muscles.

The shape of the body reflects how well it is operating and how well it is lined up (balanced) with the field of gravity. The general goal of Rolfing is to bring the various segments (blocks) of the body (head, neck, torso, pelvis, legs, and feet) into balanced and supportive relationships with one another.                    

Rolfers use specific touches to stretch and guide shortened connective tissue back to its normal length and consistency. This restores the elasticity and the sliding capacity of the tissue and hence realigns the body.  A person being Rolfed participates in movements and breathings with the coordination of perceptions given by the Rolfers.  After a Rolfing session, you not only stand taller, look better, and move with greater ease, but also have more vitality and an enhanced sense of psychological well-being.


Rolfing can bring about fundamental changes in body structure because the connective tissue (fascia) of the body is of a highly pliable nature. It unites the structure of the inner form (spacing and positioning) and divides its individual functioning units. The connective tissue acts as an energetic medium for a communication network throughout the body.

Through the Rolfing touch, the connective tissue becomes healthier and has an appropriate level of tone, resulting in certain physiological improvements.  Fluids will flow more easily, nerve impulses will be conducted more smoothly, thus creating a more effective motor response in general. Breathing will be more at ease, and waste product removal will be more efficient.

The results of Rolfing differ from person to person.  Generally, after completing ten sessions of Rolfing, one can expect to experience a greater sense of overall freedom resulting in better posture and improved movement, a body in harmony with gravity.  Rolfing can bring about positive changes in an individual that could last a lifetime.

The photos of the boy were taken just after the tenth session of Rolfing. The last example includes a photo taken one year after the 10-session series, with no further Rolfing, to show how the integration process continues after the work is finished.

Ida P. RolfIda P. Rolf, a native New Yorker, graduated from Barnard Collegein 1916.

Annette Pearsall
Rolfing has been the best manipulation therapy for me. I no longer have a frozen shoulder and my muscles and joints are feeling much better.
Lee Wei Seong
Catherine Fong has helped me to regain the use of my right knee after a few sessions of Rolfing.
Jan Signell
I have tested many types of sport massages, gym sessions and Pilates in order to improve my posture and to reduce back pain.
David Yong
After seeing many doctors and numerous pairs of "new technology" shoes the pain at my left heel not only persisted but got worse.
Celine Ooi
I never thought of doing Rolfing because I do not have any injuries or body pains. I was pre-occupied, "hooked" actually with my private Pilates sessions with Cat.