Catherine FongMy aim with Rolfing is to have a good understanding and insight in the strengths and weaknesses of my clients’ body and to develop a skilful Rolfing technique by learning and working with our remarkable living anatomy. Together with my clients, I want to work towards their improved body alignment and their balanced body structure and emotional status. 

To me it is of utmost importance to regain the functional motion by eliminating the restrictions in my clients’ body and to uplift the inner axis of their body by using the influence of gravity on vitality and well-being.  My clients can then take forward this new comprehension of self manifestation in harmony with gravity and they can further build upon this harmony as a lifelong process.

My scope of practice includes taking clients through the Basic-10 session series, Post 10 sessions (3 maintenance sessions repeated after the Basic-10 normally 3-12 months later) and Fix-It sessions (primarily for acute conditions).  If you first like to try out Rolfing, you can also take a Single session and decide afterwards on the next steps.

All sessions are on appointment only, please refer to the contact page. My place is very close to Bangsar Shopping Centre / Kuala Lumpur, it is very accessible from most parts of the town and without parking hassle and parking fee.

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I hope that you will enjoy exploring the rest of my website, and that you find the practical tips in the Rolfing FAQ page. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ida P. RolfIda P. Rolf, a native New Yorker, graduated from Barnard Collegein 1916.

Annette Pearsall
Rolfing has been the best manipulation therapy for me. I no longer have a frozen shoulder and my muscles and joints are feeling much better.
Lee Wei Seong
Catherine Fong has helped me to regain the use of my right knee after a few sessions of Rolfing.
Jan Signell
I have tested many types of sport massages, gym sessions and Pilates in order to improve my posture and to reduce back pain.
David Yong
After seeing many doctors and numerous pairs of "new technology" shoes the pain at my left heel not only persisted but got worse.
Celine Ooi
I never thought of doing Rolfing because I do not have any injuries or body pains. I was pre-occupied, "hooked" actually with my private Pilates sessions with Cat.